Model crush!  

Her face is amazing and so is her hair and eyeliner!  

Love this edgy outfit so much!  

(Source: tierdropp, via dirtylittlestylewhoree)

What I love about this:  The desaturated tones, the icy grayish blonde hair against the metallic, that amazing bleached mini skirt, the styling is impeccably clean and minimal with great layering!  (Vogue Greece 2012)

Obsessed with the new Two Bandits Lookbook!  This is amazing!

Jeans, Sex & Sun

Elle France 2012

Obsessed with her face!  

I swear Rumi Neely from Fashion Toast has the best ombre hair!  

Sneaker Swag

In the past when I would think of girly dressing, sneakers never came to mind, actually I think I owned like two pair.  They were extremely old and still in mint condition, obviously they were not worn too often.  I now have a completely new perspective when it comes to “girly” and “sneakers” when relating the two.  Who knew they went together so well, I seriously think that anything you wear with confidence while staying true to yourself is sure to grab one’s attention. These stylish beauties make sneakers look like a dream. I myself am still slowly swooning over the Isabel Marant high tops that everyone has.  I think this is a trend that is pretty much irresistible and here to stay.  

Missing fall…just a little.